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Why Good Samaritan Hospital?

The path to a good night’s sleep begins at the Samaritan Sleep Center at Good Samaritan Hospital. Accredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, the Center offers evaluation and treatment for many sleep disorders.

Comprehensive Services

The Sleep Center offers comprehensive sleep evaluations and studies with ongoing follow-up care services:

Meeting a Growing Need

According to the National Sleep Foundation, as many as seven out of 10 Americans suffer from a sleep disorder at some point during their lives. The typical sleep-deprived individual may experience impaired performance, irritability, lack of concentration and daytime drowsiness. Sleep disruption takes an adverse toll on health and puts people at risk for conditions including high blood pressure, obesity and diabetes.

The need for sleep diagnosis and treatment has increased over the past few decades. In general, people are sleeping less and experiencing more disrupted sleep than ever before. The sleep professionals at the Samaritan Sleep Center see 30 to 40 patients a week for overnight sleep studies to pinpoint the source of disruptive sleep disorders. The Center may be able to schedule a patient for a sleep study and receive sleep physician evaluation within a week.

Excellent Sleep Care Close to Home

When sleep problems are already interfering with one’s life, patients don’t want to drive far away to see a sleep specialist. The Samaritan Sleep Center at Good Samaritan Hospital is conveniently located in Dayton. Patients can see a doctor and have their sleep testing at a location nearby. In some cases, patients can have their sleep testing done at home.

We also offer a CPAP support group—the only one in the Dayton region.

Top Sleep Specialists in the Region

Patients want sleep care that gets to the root of the problem quickly so they can start getting the rest they need. Many of the sleep specialists throughout our network are board-certified. 

Nationally Recognized Care

The American Academy of Sleep Medicine has accredited the Samaritan Sleep Center at Good Samaritan Hospital.

We offer comprehensive care from the first time patients contact us, and we provide long-term support.

Advanced Technologies for Better Treatment

The latest technology can provide us with better tools for diagnosing and treating sleep disorders. Our sleep center ensures that patients have access to advanced technology in sleep medicine.

Content Updated: December 5, 2014

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