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Homeless Clinic

Good Samaritan Hospital opened the doors of its Samaritan Homeless Clinic in 1992 in hopes of reducing the common connection between homelessness and poor personal health.

With our mission of serving the total well-being of the homeless, the Samaritan Homeless Clinic aims to deliver quality, compassionate care and to help get our patients back on their feet. 

A Comprehensive, Multidisciplinary Approach

The Samaritan Homeless Clinic stands out because our care is easily accessible and because we take an integrated approach toward primary and ancillary services. The clinic focuses both on the individual and on the community—and works to maintain strong relationships with other homeless service providers so patients don’t get lost in the system. Our goal is to do our part to improve the overall community while treating every patient who walks through our doors with dignity, respect, integrity, compassion and excellence.

The Samaritan Homeless Clinic makes it easy for the Dayton homeless to get quality health care. We provide a menu of services—from preventive care to substance abuse counseling —all in one place. Our professional team goes above and beyond to deliver even more than the best care. We also aim to help patients get their lives back on track through our many programs and services.

Learn How Homelessness and Poor Health Are Connected

Complete Package Health and Wellness Services

The Samaritan Homeless Clinic provides complete-package health care that includes health and wellness services—medical, dental, podiatry and vision. The clinic also provides psychiatric, mental health and chemical dependency counseling; social work; recuperative care; health education programming; and life skills classes for our patients. We serve all patients regardless of their ability to pay. Because 98 percent of homeless people fall below the poverty line, we don’t bill a single patient for an on-site service.

Medical Team

The Samaritan Homeless Clinic is staffed with a full-time board-certified physician, certified nurse practitioner and a dedicated nursing team. In addition to providing medical exams, prescription medications and basic lab work, the clinic also offers:

Dental Services

Teeth too often get neglected, and some patients have never seen a dentist or hygienist. While our dentist and hygienist offer emergency exams, they also strongly encourage patients to get routine dental exams and cleanings. In addition to those dental services, the Samaritan Homeless Clinic provides:

Psychiatric Services and Mental Health Counseling

A Wright State University psychiatry professor supervises medical residents and students as they assess, diagnose and offer individual counseling and treatment plans for Samaritan Homeless Clinic patients. The professor also provides medication management for patients.

Our mental health counselor is independently-licensed to provide ongoing therapy and counseling to assist with issues such as:

Chemical Dependency Counseling

We know that overcoming substance abuse is often an important step to getting one’s life back on track. That’s why we have a dedicated, licensed chemical dependency counselor.

Our services include:

  • Individual alcohol and/or drug therapy
  • Group recovery education
  • Referrals to Crisis Care for alcohol and drug treatment assessment
  • Motivational support before and during residential treatment

Medical Social Work and Case Management

Our licensed social workers provide patient intakes and referrals to internal and external sources for services. They also conduct the time-intensive interview and documentation work necessary to enroll patients for Social Security disability. Other social work services include Medicaid applications, basic case management, hygiene kits, shoes, transportation and advocacy for specialty services.

Recuperative Care

The goal of recuperative care is to provide sick patients with a healthy respite from the streets. To that end, we lease three off-site apartments where homeless patients who are too ill to live in the shelter system—let alone on the streets—can recover. This temporary housing comes with three meals a day and social-work supervision. Patients also get help with transportation, and have access to all other services offered by the Samaritan Homeless Clinic.

Vision Services

The Samaritan Homeless Clinic works in partnership with Dayton Optical and Prevent Blindness so that patients can receive eye exams and can choose frames for glasses.

Podiatry Services

On the third Thursday of every month, podiatry services are available to our patients at the Samaritan Homeless Clinic. Because homeless people are on their feet for great lengths of time, this service is valuable at identifying and treating podiatric ailments.

Educational Programming and Life Skills Classes

We offer classes every day that are designed to help patients live a healthy life. Topics include:

The Samaritan Homeless Clinic also assists with basic life skills through a continuing education series; classes repeat monthly, with topics ranging from first aid and food and nutrition to spirituality and money management. Patients can receive referrals for extended study if needed.

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Content Updated: May 20, 2015

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