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A New Knee and Pain Free

Joan Mixon is a nurse. She spends long hours standing and when her left knee started causing her enough pain that she couldn’t work; she knew she needed to do something.

“One day I was on my hands and knees gardening and I couldn’t get up. When I finally did, I couldn’t walk. It was terrible.” Joan went to see James Klosterman, MD, an orthopedic surgeon at Good Samaritan Hospital. “He told me I had arthritis in my knee and I needed a full knee replacement.”

Joan couldn’t believe her ears. She never thought she was a candidate for a knee replacement and she was nervous about the procedure even though she’s a nurse. She attended the class prior to surgery and said it was very thorough and helpful. “They explained the entire procedure, pain control, diet, blood clots and rehabilitation.”

She had her surgery at Good Sam and was very impressed with the nursing staff and the amount of education she received during her brief stay. “I had a femoral block and the pain ball and I can tell you the first two days I was very comfortable. I went home the day after surgery. Everything went very well.”

When Joan got home she was visited three days a week by a physical therapist and a nurse. “They changed my dressings, began my rehab and removed my staples. They provided all the equipment I needed. Therapy went very well.”

These days Joan is back to work and feeling no pain. “It has changed the quality of my life. I don’t miss work anymore and my knee hardly ever hurts.” Because of her age and the extent of the arthritis, Joan was not a candidate for a partial knee replacement. That procedure is done on an outpatient basis at Good Samaritan North Health Center.


Content Updated: December 5, 2014

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