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Helen's Story Video Transcript

Daughter:  My mom went from being a very vibrant to very energetic person.  Sometimes you had to calm her down.  We've often laughed that she was very hyperactive.  And she went from walking five and six miles a week with a friend down to a person who was so fatigued and so tired that she had no energy to get from the bathroom to the bed.

On a Thursday morning I got up ready to go to work...and she was sitting out there, and she goes, “I feel a heaviness.”  And I said, “now this is it.  We're going straight to the hospital.”  And we did...and Good Sam was phenomenal.  By the time we hit the door, and I was...I was upset telling them...they had rushed her into a wheelchair and was back in one of their cardiac rooms in the time I parked the car.  They had her hooked up...they were trying to get the fluid off her chest.  They said she was in a little bit of arrhythmia with congestive heart failure, and my first response was then, “Dr. Broderick is the cardiac...cardiologist.”

He came in and he explained to us that the valves were not working...that they were leaking...and that the best thing to do would be to put her in the hospital on Monday to do a heart cath.

George Broderick, M.D.:  We sat down in the office and discussed...uh...these issues and what brought them on and how she was feeling, and talked a lot about her concerns and, and actually her fears of what was going on.

And, yes, there was some good news in there that she had a strong heart...uh...and not a horrible heart blockage, but enough that the valves were significantly leaky that needed to be fixed, and we now had a good plan to treat her.

Daughter:  He told us he would be sending Dr. Lim in and, there again, that's an unknown...but I trusted Dr. sister and I both did.  And I'll be honest, when Dr. Lim walked in, compassion walked in.

K. H. Lim, M.D.:  It is always a, to., to try to help somebody by doing the surgery on your heart to fix the problem.  It's a privilege.

You see this red structure here – this is the big ascending aorta...and there's a valve coming out from it.  The aortic valve here...this was leaking severely, and this valve over here, this is the mitral valve, this valve was leaking, both these...these two valves are leaking and there's blockage in the artery.  So at the time of surgery, I did three bypasses – one to the front of the artery, one to two branches.  I replaced the aortic valve and repaired the mitral valve.

George Broderick, M.D.:  Immediately right after the patient comes out of the operating room, we're seeing them, going everything with the surgeon.  The surgeon tells us how things went...we follow the patient every day after that, and ultimately when the patient goes home, they are returned to our care in the office.

Daughter:  When Dr. Broderick said, “you know, there's going to be 8-12 weeks of rehab,”  I wanted to be able to be start her off with that.  I even at Christmastime had bought her the right shoes, because I knew that was coming.

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Content Updated: December 11, 2014

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