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Good Samaritan Hospital

2222 Philadelphia Dr. Dayton, OH  45406

Good Samaritan North Health Center

9000 N. Main St. Englewood, OH  45415

Good Samaritan Health Center - Huber Heights

6251 Good Samaritan Way Huber Heights, OH  45424

Good Samaritan Health Center Greenville

742 Sweitzer St. Greenville, OH  45331

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Good Samaritan Hospital(937) 734-2612(937) 734-2612  
Good Samaritan North Health Center(937) 734-6784(937) 734-6784  
Patient Information(937) 734-2612(937) 734-2612  
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Patient Financial Services(855) 208-2777(855) 208-2777  
Central Scheduling Pre-Registration, Priceline and Pre-certification(855) 887-7364(855) 887-7364  

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Celebrating 20 years of Excellence (1995-2015)

Located in Englewood, Ohio, Good Samaritan North Health Center offers outpatient services, an emergency department and physician offices in one location.


Good Samaritan Health Center - Huber Heights

Designed as a one-stop healthcare destination, this facility offers a variety of outpatient services and includes several physician practices.


Well Being Center

Obtaining the natural balance of mind, body, and spirit is an important part of living a healthy lifestyle.


High Risk Breast Cancer Program

Providing advanced technology with professional clinical assessment for earlier detection in high-risk women.

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