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It’s All for You, Baby

Redesigned Nursery Pampers Special Needs  Babies and Their Families for a Healthy Start

GSH Nursery
Corey Brooks, RN, BSN

A major renovation of The Family Birthing Center Nursery at Good Sam this summer continues the trend-setting tradition we started when it opened in 1986. Then, Good Sam set the national standard for family-friendly birthing options to offer a home delivery experience in a hospital setting.

Today, we’ve built in even more privacy, soothing surroundings and flexibility for families to care for their newborns because research shows that environment helps infants thrive – especially those with special needs.

By definition, special needs babies have serious, though not life-threatening, conditions, including low birth weight and genetic irregularities. Many babies delivered via C-section can also meet the special-needs standards. These infants require highly focused, individualized care in a Level 2 nursery.

“We made sure to involve families and our caregivers in the design,” says Nurse Manager Terry Krummen, RN, MSN. Carefully planned renovations in the new Good Sam nursery shield these little ones from jarring noise, light or other disruptions to help shorten what might otherwise be an extended hospital stay.

And for babies who stay after their moms are discharged, seven private rooms serve as a home-away-from-home. Three nursing alcoves and sliding glass doors enable nurses to keep a vigilant watch. 

“Our new design keeps the family unit together and really supports family bonding. We can provide very personalized care, and families appreciate getting to know their baby without undue distractions,” Terry says.

Learn more about The Family Birthing Center at Good Samaritan Hospital.

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