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Brake For Breakfast IC Banner

Early detection of breast cancer means more option in treatment.  The team at Samaritan Breast Center is hosting their annual Brake for Breakfast event.  At this event the team will be handing out FREE bagged breakfasts for the first 500 cars that drive into the parking lot next to Good Samaritan North Health Center, Englewood.

Show your support! Drive in and get your FREE bagged breakfast consisting of juice, muffin, and a healthy apple. Invite a friend to Brake for Breakfast.

When: Thursday, October 11, 2012, 6:00 am - 10:00 am

Where: 8900 N. Main Street, parking lot adjacent to Good Samaritan North Health Center

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Samaritan Breast Center

Early detection of breast cancer is key.  At the Samaritan Breast Center, our team of experts use digital mammography and other sophisticated imaging technology to find cancer in its very earliest stages.  And our unique team structure means we can deliver results and make a diagnosis faster, so there is less uncertainty, less waiting. Early detection means more time. And more time is more life. Great things happen at Good Sam.

Send a reminder to those that you love and remind them to have their mammogram.

If you are 40 and over and no have symptoms or are at high risk, schedule your mammogram today. Call (937) 734-8274 for an appointment.

Great things happen at Good Sam.

Brake for Breakfast CO

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