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Labor of Love

S2010 Pastoral Care 300px
(From left) Chaplains Jimmy Mann, Sr. Sister Rosemary Goubeaux, CPPS; Lysander Nelms; David Rusk (seated); and Samuel
Hollingsworth pause in Good Sam’s chapel. (Not shown: Thomas Meyer.)

Mind, body and spirit. If any one of these is in pain, health suffers.

That belief—that our spiritual nature profoundly influences wellbeing— both defines and distinguishes Good Samaritan Hospital’s approach to healing.

At Good Samaritan, six professional chaplains serve alongside doctors, nurses, therapists and others as an integral part of each patient’s care team to assure care for the whole person.

In Search of Peace

“Each one of us can be a source of strength to anyone in the hospital, no matter what their faith background,” explains Chaplain Sr. Rosemary Goubeaux, CPPS. “If someone doesn’t believe in God, we try to identify and respond to whatever it is that gives them purpose in life,” she explains.

“Our job is to listen with our hearts to their story and help them find peace.”

The Pastoral Care team knows that peace can be elusive in a hospital. It’s not just frightened patients and grieving families who need comfort, says Chaplain Jimmy Mann. He sees doctors frustrated by the limits of medicine and hospital staff members facing stressful situations who likewise need spiritual support. An attentive ear, a word of encouragement or a prayer can make all the difference for a single mom working the night shift, he says.

Hearing with the Heart

“Our job is to listen and to love,” adds Chaplain Sam Hollingsworth. “I’ve been a pastor for almost 40 years and Good Samaritan really represents the epitome of pastoral work. In a hospital, you see deep love and deep grief. As pastors we join in that so that patients, families and staff can feel strengthened and supported.

Good Sam’s Pastoral Care chaplains represent many faith traditions and each is trained to minister to patients of different faiths. But because the call for spiritual care is so great, the hospital also trains professional ministers from churches and synagogues in the community to serve as resource chaplains to augment the Pastoral Care staff.

Chaplain Hollingsworth observes that while doctors have wonderful tools like MRIs and CT scans to look into the body and medicine to treat it, only one thing can heal the soul. Love.

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