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Emphasis on Prevention

“Orthopedic surgeon” usually conjures images of repairing broken bones. But Dr. James Klosterman is just as committed to preventing injuries as he is to repairing them. That’s why he brought Sportsmetrics™ to Samaritan North Health Center.

Sportsmetrics is a six-week conditioning, balance, and strength program for young female athletes. The program helps enhance performance and prevent the ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) knee injuries that can occur with quick jumping and pivoting in sports like volleyball, basketball, soccer, and lacrosse.

As more young women take up these sports, their rate of ACL injuries has soared. “If she does no preventative training, a female athlete is five to six times more likely to experience a significant knee injury than her male counterpart,” says Dr. Klosterman, medical director of sports medicine at GSH and a certified Sportsmetrics trainer. “The goal of Sportsmetrics is to bring girls’ injury rate down to the rate of boys.”

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