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About Dayton Heart & Vascular Hospital

In a heart emergency, “time is tissue.” The faster a patient gets to a hospital for treatment, the better the outcome. The Dayton Heart & Vascular Hospital at Good Samaritan (DHVH) has highly skilled heart and vascular care specialists who use advanced technology to set new standards in excellence. 

We combine the most efficient layout and advanced equipment with proven clinical processes to streamline the time from diagnosis to treatment for heart and vascular patients. Our standard of award-winning care and successful patient outcomes make our heart program at DHVH one of the best in the Dayton area.

A Tradition of Excellence

Our skilled heart and vascular care specialists are leaders in their respective fields. Among the specialists practicing at DHVH are long-time members of the Dayton area’s medical community and have been responsible for many of Dayton’s firsts, including the first angioplasty and the first open heart procedure. 

Comprehensive Care

Dayton Heart & Vascular Hospital’s medical team is led by physicians who are board certified specialists and offer the latest in:

  • Emergency heart and vascular care
  • Surgery
  • Stenting and catheterization services
  • Implantable heart devices
  • Diagnostic testing

Our critical care and advanced practice nurses have specialized training and skills in providing cardiovascular care for heart and vascular patients. Additionally, we have created a dynamic partnership among local cardiologists, cardiovascular surgeons, and continue to attract and retain talented medical staff to enhance heart care delivery for our cardiovascular patients.

The comfort of our cardiovascular patients and their families along with advanced diagnosis, treatment and therapy, are our top priorities. From admission until discharge, patient care focuses on personal needs, comfort and convenience. 

Specially Designed Rooms

Should you or a loved one require inpatient cardiovascular care at Dayton Heart and Vascular Hospital, you can expect a quiet, restful stay. Our facility has 117 private patient rooms occupying 125,000 square feet dedicated to heart and vascular patients.

Patient rooms are private and fully equipped to meet the special needs of cardiac patients. The short distance between the emergency department and cardiac catheterization labs creates efficiency and ease of movement for physicians and caregivers. In addition, our rooms have cable television, wireless Internet, and a warm décor featuring natural light, wood floors, and contemporary furniture and artwork. Families and visitors enjoy large, comfortable waiting areas that offer both private and open settings.

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