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Tiffany Morgan, 27, Huber Heights

TiffanyTiffany Morgan, a busy mother of three, was acutely aware of her family history of breast cancer – her Mom was diagnosed with the disease at age 35. However, the last thing she expected, or needed, was to be diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 26. Yet, in March 2008, that’s exactly what happened.

During a self-exam, which she diligently performed because of her family history, Tiffany felt a lump in her right breast. A mammogram at the Samaritan Breast Center revealed there were actually three lumps, one in her right breast, and two in her left. Earlier this year, Tiffany underwent a bi-lateral mastectomy and is still undergoing chemotherapy treatment.

After her surgery, Tiffany didn’t hesitate to get tested for a breast cancer gene mutation, and she tested positive for the BRCA1 gene. As a result, Tiffany will undergo an oophorectomy to have her ovaries removed as a precautionary measure later this year.

Because of Tiffany’s ordeal, her 20-year-old sister, Samantha will be getting tested soon, and Tiffany will advise her 9-year-old daughter to get tested when she’s old enough.

Now 27 years old, Tiffany doesn’t fit the typical mold of a breast cancer survivor. But she is a survivor, and thankful that she can continue to care for her young family. Tiffany shares her story with others via the Internet, participating in cancer-related chat rooms and forums where she can lend support to others going through similar challenges.

“It’s good to talk with others who have been through the same things I have been through, and I’m glad that I can help others who need that same support,” she said.

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