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Surgery Center Patient Experiences

Hear first-hand how Samaritan North Surgery Center patients feel about their experience.

Not Just a Patient

“At most facilities, I’m known as a ‘hard stick.’ It takes the average nurse about six tries to start an IV line in me. Both times I was treated at Samaritan North Surgery Center, they were able to get a properly working IV inserted on the first try and with no complications before or during the procedure. This expertise and care alone put my mind at ease before my procedures even began… my care afterward also left me feeling as a human that they actually cared and not some patient that they were waiting to get rid of.” —Brittany Campbell

Caring Touches

“I appreciate the careful explanations that were given, the lovely warm blanket that I had wrapped around me, and the socks I could wear so my feet weren’t cold… you surely know how to put patients at ease and make them comfortable.”
—Samaritan North Surgery Center patient

Wonderful Smiles

“I want to thank you for the wonderful and great attention you gave me. I sure did love those wonderful smiles you gave me!”— Samaritan North Surgery Center patient