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Good Samaritan Hospital Pain Center

Pain—whether acute or chronic—can be debilitating. Patients who suffer from difficult-to-manage pain often feel frustration, exhaustion, and hopelessness. The specialized Pain Management Team at Good Samaritan Hospital (GSH) was created to help patients suffering from pain. Comprised of a pharmacist and a clinical nurse specialist, the Pain Management Team works on a consultation basis, helping patients to better manage pain through individual patient visits, constant communication with other members of the care team, and referrals to other services when appropriate.

Face-to-Face Consultation

The GSH Pain Management Team is contacted—by either a nurse or a physician—when a patient is suffering from pain that’s hard to manage, whether it’s post-operative, injury-related, or a result of a chronic condition. In addition to spending time with patients to discuss the goals of therapy, the team consults with the physician and other professionals to tailor a plan that fits the patient’s pain management needs. Consultations may include:

  • Thorough review of medical history
  • A patient interview
  • Discussion with other care providers regarding current plans and outcomes
  • Recommendation to physicians for diagnostic tests
  • Suggestions to physicians for medications and other treatments
  • Coordination with Social Services to ensure successful treatment following discharge
  • Non-pharmacological referrals such as physical therapy
  • Referrals for alternative therapies, including pet therapy, aromatherapy, music therapy, biofeedback, therapeutic message, healing touch therapy, or pastoral care

The GSH Pain Management Team members are also skilled at communicating with family members about the patient’s needs, either while at the hospital or at home. They help the family create a plan of care that takes into account the patient’s medical and emotional needs. The GSH Pain Management Service is a core component of the Palliative Care program, and the team strives to bring care and comfort to every patient they work with.

Focus on Education

The Pain Service program doesn’t just serve the needs of patients; it’s also about providing educational resources for other medical personnel. In fact, education is an extremely important component of the program. The Pain Management Team:

  • Is very involved in helping to educate nurses and physicians on the finer points of pain management
  • Provides education to all newly hired nurses
  • Helps educate residents, who spend time with the team as part of their training

This is a vital component of the Pain Service program, because it means that the team can have an impact on the treatment knowledge of new physicians.

Location Information

Good Samaritan Hospital
2222 Philadelphia Dr.
Dayton, OH  45406

Hours of Operation:
The Pain Center is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Contact Information

The telephone number is available only to doctors.