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About The Sports Medicine Center

At the Good Samaritan Hospital (GSH) Sports Medicine Center, we have one goal: to return athletes—whether recreational, competitive, or those who just focus on fitness—to their full range of motion, agility, and strength. We provide sports-specific care for Dayton athletes of all ages because we know that sports injuries require specialized treatment.

The GSH Sports Medicine Center staff consists of trained professionals dedicated to positive patient outcomes. In addition to physical therapists, we have certified and licensed athletic trainers, strength and conditioning specialists, and exercise physiologists. The sports medicine staff also partners with staff in the diagnostic department for consistency throughout the treatment process. In addition, our athletic trainers are often at games, practices, and special community sporting events to treat sports injuries.

The GSH Sports Medicine Center’s facility is equipped with current equipment. However, technology is not the most important aspect of our program. Our staff develops a one-on-one relationship with our patients, bringing a caring, personal touch to the treatment process that leads to more positive outcomes.

In addition to treatment and rehabilitation, we offer specialized programs for coaches and athletes, including:

  • Athletic performance programs
  • Sports-related seminars
  • Fitness and nutrition evaluations

Our highly trained professionals don’t just evaluate and treat injuries—they help prevent them from happening in the first place.

Increasing Demand

Sports medicine is a growing market. As participation in both standard sports and extreme sports continues to rise, so does the number of sports-related injuries. Of the more than 40 million emergency room visits per year, at least 4 million—or one out of 10—are sports-related.


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