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Sports Medicine: All Part of the Game

When it’s tip-off time at a University of Dayton (UD) women’s basketball game, all the regulars are in place: the players, coaches, athletic trainers, cheerleaders—and a specially trained physician from GSH.

Orthopedic surgeon James Klosterman and family practice physician Michael Barrow — both members of GSH’s Medical Staff—share responsibilities as team physicians at UD for women’s basketball, volleyball, and soccer.

“These doctors are crucial to keeping our teams in good shape,” says Steve Foster, UD head athletic trainer. “The sooner an injured athlete sees a doctor and starts treatment, the sooner we can get her back in the game. For our athletes on scholarship, this is especially critical. Staying healthy means keeping their job. If they aren’t able to play, the money goes away.”

A graduate of UD, Dr. Klosterman says his work there is “like a hobby. I enjoy going to practice, covering games and building trusting relationships with student athletes. I’ve become a real fan. At times, we have to treat an injury in short order to get an athlete ready for a game. We do this by making ourselves accessible 24/7. We won’t, however, allow an athlete to return to play if we think she’s at risk for further injury.”

Dr. Barrow, who has always liked working with young people, agrees that sports is a great way to connect. “The kids know we’re there to help them. My job is to look at the athletes from the perspective of a primary care sports medicine physician. This includes taking care of allergies or asthma or headaches —as well as nonsurgical sports problems.”

Coaches and athletic trainers agree that having these doctors on hand for practices and games makes everybody feel more comfortable. As George Demetriades, assistant women’s soccer coach, puts it, “It’s like having a doctor right on the scene when you have an accident. It’s a huge relief to know they’re with us.”

Source: Samaritan HealthTalk Spring 2003

Content Updated: December 5, 2014

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