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Patient and Visitor Info

Patient Scheduling, Registration, Pre-certification and Price Estimates

To schedule a test, pre-register or obtain a price estimate, please call (937) 499-7364(937) 499-7364 or (855) 887-7364(855) 887-7364. Once you are scheduled for your services, if a pre-certification is needed, we will begin that process.


Central Registration hours of business are 5:00 am to 10:00 pm Monday through Friday, and 6:00 am to 10:00 pm on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays.

When you arrive at GSH, you will check in at the front desk in the main lobby. The Patient Access Specialist will key your name into Access, give you a coaster, and ask you to be seated in the waiting area.

When it is your turn to register, the Patient Access Specialist will light up the coaster and greet you in the lobby by calling out the coaster number.

You will then be escorted to the registration booth, where your demographic information will be updated, co-pay collected, forms signed, and insurance cards scanned. An escort will then guide you to your test/procedure or nursing unit for patients being admitted to the hospital. They will receive a beeper like those provided in restaurants.

Registration Documents to Bring to the Hospital

Outpatients or patients checking in are advised to bring the following documents with them to make the registration process faster and easier:

  • Physician's order for test/admission if your physician provided one
  • Insurance card
  • ID/driver's license


Parking is available in the hospital garage located off Philadelphia Drive. A parking pass is given to each patient at the point of registration and is valid for one exit out of the garage on the day of your test.

Emergency Department

The GSH Emergency Department (ED) is open 24 hours a day, every day of the year. The ED is located just off Benson Drive at the back of the main hospital, between Sherwood Drive and Salem Avenue.

There is a designated parking lot for patients just outside the ED. All patients must utilize the parking area and will be issued a token to exit the parking area at the end of their ED visit.

All patients should have current insurance card(s) and a valid identification card with them when they come to the ED. ED patients will check in at the front reception (Triage) window upon arrival.

Patients will be signed in, assessed (triaged), and seen for care as prioritized by the clinical staff.

Facility Directory

We maintain a facility directory listing the name, room and extension, general condition, and, if you wish, your religious affiliation. Unless you choose to have it excluded from this directory, the information—excluding your religious affiliation—will be disclosed to anyone who requests it by asking for you by name. This information, including your religious affiliation, may also be provided to members of the clergy. You have the right during registration to have your information excluded from this directory and also to restrict what information is provided and/or to whom.

If you choose to be excluded from the facility directory, you will receive no calls, mail, or flower delivery. The hospital will tell callers—including family members, friends, and clergy to whom you have not given your direct hospital phone line—“I'm sorry, this person is not in our facility directory.”

For reasons of privacy and confidentiality, no information will be revealed to anyone about a patient who chooses not to be included in the facility directory.

Content Updated: May 17, 2016

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