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Cardiology Services

At Dayton Heart and Vascular Hospital at Good Samaritan, heart care takes many forms. Treating a heart attack. Placing a stent. Correcting an irregular heartbeat. surgery; and rehabilitation. Whatever the heart care need, we deliver it with exceptional care. That means quicker recoveries, shorter stays, and better outcomes.

Whether it’s an advanced, minimally-invasive procedure or care to prevent a heart attack from happening, Dayton Heart and Vascular Hospital can help. We provide a full range of cardiac care with the latest techniques and technology, including sophisticated diagnostics, advanced surgical capabilities and comprehensive cardiac rehabilitation. Our experienced, board-certified physicians specialize in complex procedures. They are a team of professionals dedicated to cardiac health, leading with care. 

Our Cardiology Services 

  • Sophisticated monitoring systems  including immediate EKG readings via EMS on the scene and imaging technology in our Emergency Department
  • Diagnostic testing for identifying cardiac diseases and conditions 
  • Diagnostic catheterizations to find blockages in the arteries that feed the heart, assess heart valves for leakage or identify abnormalities within the heart since birth.
  • Cardiac interventional procedures, such as balloon angioplasty, coronary and peripheral stenting  that treat and repair diseases within the coronary arteries.
  • Electrophysiology Lab where procedures that assess and repair irregular heartbeats are performed. 
  • Open-heart surgery, includes coronary bypass grafting, heart surgery, and valve repair or replacement.
  • Thoracic Surgery corrects disorders and diseases affecting the organs inside the chest, including the lungs, chest wall, and diaphragm
  • Cardiovascular Recovery Room is a specialized recovery room only for open heart surgery patients
  • Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit (CVICU) Intensive Care unit that specializes in the care of cardiac patients-medical, post-surgery and post-intervention.
  • Cardiac Rehabilitation gets our patients on the road to recovery
  • Pulmonary Rehabilitation  
  • Heart and Vascular Wellness Center provides outpatient disease management to reduce hospital readmissions while assisting patients to maintain a better quality of life.

Among the Best in the Nation 

Dayton Heart and Vascular Hospital at Good Samaritan was Ranked Among the Top 10 percent in the Nation for Cardiology Services for 2 Years in a Row (2013-2014) by Healthgrades.

American Nurses Credential Center Magnet Recognition

Good Samaritan Hospital has achieved for the second time, Magnet® status for nursing excellence. The honor was granted by the American Nurses Credentialing Center, a subsidiary of the American Nurses Association. Magnet status is not a prize or award. 

Rather, it is a credential of organization recognition of nursing excellence and is the highest honor an organization can receive for professional nursing. Only 6.9 percent of all registered hospitals in the United States have achieved the Magnet Recognition®.

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Cardiac Alert

Treating the patient as quickly as possible can improve the outcomes for heart attack victims. That's why we focus on urgency at every level. Cardiology at Dayton Heart and Vascular Hospital is backed by an experienced emergency department. Working with local emergency medical services, physicians can use the cardiac alert program and advanced monitoring equipment to confirm a heart attack and begin appropriate treatment before the patient arrives.

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Learn About the Treatment of Heart and Vascular Diseases

The Premier Health Library  offers a wealth of information about cardiology and the treatment of heart disease. Learn about conditions, treatments, and how to prepare for surgery, and much more.

Content Updated: September 19, 2016

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