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The Samaritan Breast Center

The Samaritan Breast Center at Good Samaritan North Health Center is focused on detecting and treating breast cancer. With advanced imaging technology and a highly skilled staff, you can be confident that you’re receiving the best treatment possible in the area.

The Full Continuum of Care

Our technologically advanced program includes an imaging and diagnostic center, a breast surgeon’s office, and a collection of support programs—all in one location. We work in conjunction with the Samaritan Cancer Center, the Samaritan North Surgery Center, and the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Center. All four centers are located in the same facility, providing seamless continuity of care.

Our multidisciplinary teams collaborate to ensure timely diagnosis and treatment. Because all related services are in the same location, there is clear and timely communication. This results in smooth transitions of care and quality clinical outcomes for patients. 

Experienced Staff

The experienced staff at the Samaritan Breast Center provides high-quality, consistent results and caring services to our patients.

Radiologist Diane H. Anderson, DO, and breast surgeon Thomas A. Heck, MD, serve as our co-medical directors. They are dedicated to providing advanced breast cancer detection through the latest diagnostic imaging technology. Both physicians have offices in the Breast Center. Having Dr. Anderson and Dr. Heck as co-medical directors is a unique advantage because they provide both the diagnostic perspective of an experienced radiologist, and the clinical perspective of an experienced breast surgeon. By working in the Breast Center together, Dr. Anderson and Dr. Heck facilitate timely and effective collaboration..

Coordinated Care

The Samaritan Breast Center is dedicated to detecting and treating breast cancer. Because the Cancer Center and the Outpatient Surgery Center are in the same building, we can provide comprehensive screening, diagnostic and treatment procedures at one location, making the process convenient for patients. Samaritan Breast Center staff members strive to coordinate care, including obtaining medical images from other locations.

Breast Imaging Services

Digital images are stored in a system that allows multiple physicians to view the information from separate locations. Samaritan Breast Center imaging services include:

Automated Whole Breast Ultrasound (AWBUS)

For women with dense-breast tissue and/or breast implants, Samaritan Breast Center offers automated whole breast ultrasound. Automated whole breast ultrasound, or AWBUS, is a supplementary ultrasound examination of both breasts for women with an inconclusive mammogram. Studies show that more cancers are found in women with dense-breast tissue when an ultrasound examination is added to the screening mammogram. Learn more about AWBUS

Advanced Technology

Digital imaging allows the Samaritan Breast Center to provide advanced diagnoses. We use computer-aided detection (CAD) technology to scan the images and mark any suspicious-looking areas. These areas are then studied in more detail by the radiologist, who can determine if further evaluation is needed. The R2 Imagechecker increases the accuracy of early-stage cancer diagnosis to 98 percent.

Breast Care Coordinator

Our Breast Care Coordinators work with patients who have been diagnosed with cancer. The Breast Care Coordinators help ensure a seamless transfer to the next level of care. 

The coordinators provide education, consultation, and support for patients and their families. They help to coordinate patient care, build trust and confidence in their treatment program and ensure continuity of care. The Breast Care Coordinators will:

  • Direct patient to Sharing Our Strength (SOS) support group
  • Monitor and facilitate treatment planning recommendations made by physicians
  • Assist with problem solving and meeting identified patient needs
  • Maintain clear communication among the multiple physician specialists

Our Commitment to You

Samaritan Breast Center is dedicated to providing a supportive and comforting environment where each woman receives personalized attention and care. We are committed to providing support, education, counseling, and medical services that fully serve the needs of women. Our highly trained staff, advanced technology, and dedication to deliver the highest quality of care allow us to continuously find innovative ways to carry out our mission.

Schedule a Mammogram

You may schedule a screening mammogram without a physician's order if your age 40 and older and have no symptoms. All other mammograms require a physician's order.

To schedule a mammogram, call (937) 734-8274(937) 734-8274.

The High Risk Breast Cancer Program

For most women, annual mammograms and breast examinations are adequate to ensure early detection of breast cancer. However, for women at high risk of developing breast cancer because of family or personal history, a more comprehensive early detection program is necessary.

Learn more.

Premier Health Cancer Hotline

The Premier Health cancer hotline is your one stop link to the answers you need about cancer services across the region, including those about our collaboration with MD Anderson Cancer Network. To connect with a Premier Health cancer specialist, call (844) 316-HOPE (4673)(844) 316-HOPE (4673) Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

How to Reach Us

Samaritan Breast Center, located within Good Samaritan North Health Center, is an outpatient facility that offers comprehensive services for breast health. Patients can receive every aspect of breast care in one location from some of the region’s most highly skilled providers.


Samaritan Breast Center
Good Samaritan North Health Center
9000 Main Street
Dayton, OH 45415


Samaritan Breast Center Scheduling
(937) 734-8274(937) 734-8274

Hours of Operation:

Monday through Friday, 7:00 am to 5:00 pm
Saturday, 7:00 am to 12:00 pm

Content Updated: November 15, 2016

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Samaritan Breast Center at Good Samaritan North Health Center
9000 N. Main St. Englewood, OH  45415
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