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School Partnerships

Good Samaritan Hospital, through Premier Health, is proud to partner with our area schools to help meet the need for community support at a fundamental level – where our investment lies in our youth, and the future quality of life of the communities we serve.

Schools are at the heart of a community. They are where our friends and families come together for academics, sports and other extra-curricular activities. A place where our youth build on their values, strengths, and encouragement for a positive future. A place where our general community members plan and foster an overall environment of vitality and possibilities. 

Collaborating with schools is so much more than putting a name on a football stadium. It’s a long-term, hands-on, active relationship between a community and Good Samaritan Hospital. 

Good Samaritan Hospital has gone beyond sponsoring a team, it’s investing in communities. We hope to be more than a partner, we want to be a good neighbor with a serious stake in the community and its future.

  • Athletic training services
  • Team physicians
  • Educational Opportunities

Our Partnerships

At the Good Samaritan Hospital Sports Medicine Center, our physicians, certified athletic trainers and strength and conditioning specialists provide services to many schools in the area, including:

School Districts

Arcanum mascot logo
Arcanum High School
Bethel mascot logo
Bethel High School
 Brookville mascot logo
Chaminade Julienne mascot logo 
Chaminade-Julienne High School 
Dixie-NewLebanon mascot logo 
Dixie High School 
 Franklin Monroe mascot logo
Franklin-Monroe High School 
 Greenville mascot logo
Greenville High School 
Jefferson Logo
 Jefferson Township High School
Northmont mascot logo
Tri-County mascot logo
 Trotwood mascot logo
Trotwood Madison High School 
Vandalia mascot logo 
Vandalia-Butler High School
Wayne - Huber mascot logo
Wayne High School  
 University Dayton mascot logo
University of Dayton   

Content Updated: September 16, 2016

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Building Healthier Communities

Our partnership with area schools is taking health care to the schools and bringing the schools to us.


Education Programs

We work hand in hand with schools to offer programs to enhance the existing academic curriculum and promote physical and mental wellness.


Tip Sheet

Proper stretching and warm-up can significantly reduce the likelihood of injury.

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